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I don’t want my female and woman characters to have outside agenda’s, but I don’t want them to only fulfill a story’s agenda either. I don’t want them to mean nothing, but I don’t want them to be nothing but messages addressing the world’s treatment of women. I think that is where a lot of well meaning writers mess up. I want my female characters to be treated just as regular characters, and be unaffected by society. I think that that on its own will speak volumes.

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The Golden Sands

The golden sands

That love

By burning

That teach how to get

By not giving

That can make you see

By blinding

What is invisible

The golden sands

Only the toughest can survive

Only the clever can solve the secrets

Only the bold can enter

Only the worthy can step

Only the lost can leave

 And only the hurt

Can find salvation

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Nocturne of Shadows

Draw me into the infinite darkness, let me hear the nocturne of shadows. Let me be wrapped in the lost spirits of the world.

Let the truth be seen in a world of lies.

Let the moon travel along the sky.

Let the trespassers fall into skeletons. Watch them break through the dirt

Let the greedy be turned to arachnids. Watch them cling to those they poisoned to thrive.

Let the beings of chaos be shown as innocent children. Watch them as they play their games.

Show the world our true forms. Let me hear the orchestra of the night play their harps.

Show me the truth in the world of fakes and frauds and let me be drawn into the infinite darkness of the night,

I want to hear the nocturne of the shadows


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